Perspectives 21: Exploring Business Sustainability Strategies


SAP’s virtual event Perspectives 2021 will feature research analysts from Harvard Business Review and local executives from Australia and New Zealand to talk about business sustainability strategies in consideration of the future of work, sustainability, and data-driven technologies.

Over a year into the pandemic, many organisations have realised that we are officially entering a new world of work and there is no going back to the old ways. Though technology has been a key driver in the digital transformation even prior to COVID-19, today, as never before, technology has been the great enabler not only in reducing the spread of the coronavirus but also in helping organisations adapt rapidly and seamlessly into the continuously evolving work environment

Equally important as surviving the global pandemic is building a sustainable business that would thrive in the post-COVID-19 world– one that looks beyond the social and environmental aspects of every business operation. Learning from last year’s unprecedented challenges, enterprises are now harnessing a growth mindset that embraces new business models that are resilient, digitally connected, and customer-centric. 

Exploring Business Sustainability Strategies

SAP ANZ is fostering today’s mindset shift on building a sustainable business by leveraging intelligent technologies. The software enterprise will be hosting Perspectives 2021, a virtual forum that brings together Harvard Business Review research analysts and executives from Australia and New Zealand to discuss the 2021 outlook and ways on how businesses can propel business amidst the pandemic. 

Happening on the 24th of March and broadcasting live from Sydney, the digital event will feature three consecutive panel discussions about the future of work, sustainability, and creating a data-driven culture. Perspectives 2021 will provide business leaders the opportunity to re-think and reposition their organisation in the new world of work amidst the pandemic disruptions. 

The Future of Work segment will feature Abbie Lundberg of Harvard Business Review Analytic Services; Kim Lee of The Star Entertainment Group in Sydney; and Gaston Carreon of Accenture to share insights on the various workforce strategies that are needed for 2021 including expectations for future employment changes, readiness for remote work, and investment plans around digital technologies. The discussion will focus on the next steps for managers in 2021. 

The Purpose-led Sustainability panel will have Todd Pruzan of Harvard Business Publishing and Darcy Small of Sydney’s Kua Coffee to discuss why tomorrow’s leading organisations must become a generation of intelligent enterprises, whose purpose is not just to be resilient and profitable, but also to be sustainable.

The Data-Driven Culture session will have Alex Clemente of Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, Julia Jack of Mercury, David Scullin of New Zealand’s Zespri, and Andrew Birmingham of Which-50. The thought leaders will delve into the value of data and ways how to leverage, harvest, and integrate actionable insights from it. The session will cover the following topics:

  • Key challenges organisations face when it comes to data management 
  • Getting insights from a large volume of data to drive business value 
  • Hyper-personalising engagement based on a comprehensive view of the customer 
  • How data can provide context that allows organisations to make decisions to drive the biggest impact. 

Join Perspectives 2021 and learn more about adaptation and growth strategies in the new world of work here.

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