RISE with SAP Offering Leveraged by CNX Resources


Pittsburgh-based independent natural gas company CNX Resources Corporation utilizes the cloud-based RISE with SAP offering to achieve its different business objectives including, but not limited to, accelerating sustainability.

CNX Resources Corporation has been a major player in the region’s energy market for almost two centuries. The corporation has drawn on its rich history of innovation and expansion, especially in recent years, to help propel the industry forward. Both the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and the management of the business needed to be rethought in order for the company’s decision to move away from the gas extraction methods it had been using in the past to be a genuine success. The overall risk needed to be reduced, the data had to be centralized and optimized, and the processes used across the organization needed to be brought up to date.

The Appalachian shale gas producer came to the conclusion that it was the best moment to migrate to the cloud using the Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) signature offering RISE with SAP. CNX Resources Corporation made the decision to leverage the cloud solution in order to boost its levels of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness and free up more time for it to focus solely on its primary goal, which is to provide its customers with high-quality and environmentally sustainable energy solutions currently and in the future. (InsideSAP references articles from websites in other languages to bring you as much information as possible.)

Over the last several decades, CNX Resources Corporation has made significant investments in ecological sustainability which is a  must for being competitive in today’s commodities sector. As such, the business has maintained its status as carbon neutral since 2013. Nevertheless, for CNX Resources Corporation to keep expanding, it was necessary for the firm to make investments in innovative technologies for the management of businesses, and it did so successfully, being at the forefront throughout.

Al Jones, Vice President of Information Technology at CNX Resources Corporation, explained that the plans for the company’s transformation centered on three primary principles, which were risk reduction in the existing technological roadmap, improving the support model, and lowering expenses. He further shared:

“These points really convinced us when evaluating RISE with SAP. Once we saw the value, we saw a way forward and we could really get started.”

Transforming the Energy Business through the RISE with SAP Offering

The RISE with SAP offering, which consists of products, processes, and services that support clients in unlocking new approaches to business, was introduced in 2021. The intelligent suite natively combines end-to-end business use cases by integrating finance, supply chain, human resources (HR), logistics, procurement, sales, services, and research and development (RD). Moreover, the BTaaS solution was developed to be a platform that is adaptive and versatile so that businesses like CNX Resources Corporation may achieve the unique objectives that they have set for themselves.

The natural gas business found the concept of migrating to the cloud at its own speed and on its own terms appealing, as it would allow the company to better manage the considerable cash flow expected for 2022. CNX Resources Corporation’s ERP system is capable of supporting approximately 180 applications in addition to seven primary value streams. In this manner, formerly independent systems may be consolidated into a coherent data warehouse that serves as a main data source.

According to Jones, it is essential and very useful for the energy firm to be able to employ technology at its own speed while still maintaining its ability to deliver its product to market, as this will allow the company to continue to expand.

“We now see a bright future in the cloud. We now have a more structured and disciplined approach that gives us reliable insights into our data and allows us to plan and execute on our business goals going forward,” he revealed.

Lastly, CNX Resources Corporation is able to pursue additional sustainability initiatives for the organization since RISE with SAP has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The sustainability programs are  Both are connected to the continuous efforts being made by the corporation to become even more environment-friendly with regard to the methane emissions it generates. In order to further cement its position as a responsible natural gas producer, the company has begun using technologies that are based on satellites and drones to monitor its greenhouse gasses.

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