SAP.iO Foundry Berlin Launches Data and Analytics Program


The selected cohort for SAP.iO Foundry Berlin’s data and analytics program will get the chance to experience the Foundries’ three-fold value proposition such as access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technologies, and collaboration with SAP customers.

Five tech startups from Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the US were selected to participate in the accelerator program of SAP.iO Foundry Berlin themed Data and Analytics. Consistent with one of the key objectives of SAP.iO, which is to extend the value of SAP solutions, this spring’s cohort will focus on developing solutions to help SAP customers optimise data to drive better business results.

Explaining the relevance of Foundry Berlin’s theme in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, Ivo Bauermann, Senior Vice President Business Development, SAP BTP, said:

“Analytics is essential but not sufficient to drive business outcomes. Yes, you can get more insights with Analytics, but the more crucial question is what you do with that information. Unless you embed these insights into your business processes and turn them into clear actions, they are just another report.”

“For our customers, new innovative solutions are in high demand while tech talent is in short supply. These two challenges create big opportunities for startups that can take on more innovation risk as well as attract young development talent, much faster than large corporations can,” he added.

As a strategic business unit focused on incubating startup innovation and business models for SAP, SAP.iO offers participants of accelerator programs go-to-market benefits including increasing visibility and creating demand. Ultimately, SAP.iO aims to help startups scale and integrate their innovative solutions with SAP and, eventually, make them available on the SAP Store.

International Cohort of the Data and Analytics Program

SAP.iO Foundry Berlin is one of the 10 Foundries strategically located in innovation hubs such as San Francisco, New York, Munich, Paris, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Bangalore, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Annually, a Foundry kickstarts one or two cohorts to focus on selected themes based on a wide range of lines of business, industries, and technologies. Responding to the existential challenges of the pandemic, SAP.iO Foundry programs have been conducted virtually since 2020. 

This spring, Foundry Berlin has chosen five international startups specialising in data harmonisation, business analytics, machine learning, and data-as-a-service to join the virtual accelerator program. The Data and Analytics cohort was evaluated by a jury of SAP experts, partners, customers, and investment funds.

DABBEL AI. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, DABBEL offers a scalable, cost-efficient, sustainable AI-driven software solution that modernises the building automation control system. The AI-Autonomous Building Management System (AI-BMS) replaces the manual control of the existing BMS, operating the HVAC energy systems autonomously and in real-time.

EveryAngle. The Dublin-based startup offers a wide range of computer vision apps that provide real-time analysis of CCTV videos– from detecting suspicious persons to recognising people not complying with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) requirements. Most recently, EveryAngle has launched the Physical Distance Controls application, supported by Cisco Meraki and AWS, to help retailers curb the spread of COVID-19.

InOrbit. California-headquartered InOrbit is a leading provider of SaaS RobOps – DevOps for robotics. The cloud-based robot management and analytics platform enables companies to scale robot operations and development. InOrbit Control offers cloud-robot communications, adaptive diagnostics, and enterprise-grade security and APIs, among many others.

MindBridge. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, MindBridge is known for the the world’s first and only AI-powered auditing solution, MindBridge AI Auditor. The platform leverages machine learning and AI to help companies take control of risk assessments by augmenting human capacity to manage massive amounts of financial data within an organisation. MindBridge has offices in New York, London, and Adelaide, Australia.

QVALON. The startup from New York provides a platform that breaks down extensive work processes and operational activities into simpler task lists based on employee or department. Employing deep analytics in reports, QVALON helps organisations define performance metrics and drive policy effectiveness.

For 12 weeks, the Berlin cohort will have the opportunity to learn from SAP experts through curated mentorship, have access to SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as collaborate with SAP customers. 

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