SAP Users Voice S/4HANA Interest in ASUG-Digitate Survey


SAP users, through a comprehensive survey by ASUG and Digitate, emphasized concerns over application downtime, integration challenges, and expressed a keen interest in automation and the SAP S/4HANA platform.

Recognized globally for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, SAP has been a significant player in the automation, optimization, and analysis of multifarious business operations. Its expansive influence in the market makes it a go-to option for numerous enterprises. However, with complexity comes challenges, especially when users are nudged towards SAP’s contemporary cloud-based S/4HANA platform.

ASUG (America’s leading network of SAP users, partners, and aficionados), in collaboration with Digitate, a noted player in SaaS-based enterprise software, launched a survey titled, Evaluating Automation and SAP Transformations. The survey targeted SAP administrators and adept users, spanning over 150 varied organizations in North America. Its primary objective was to get a clearer understanding of the experiences and challenges these users face concerning SAP operational transformations, business process overhauls, and automation within their organizations.

Insights from ASUG-Digitate Survey

A significant insight from the survey was that a vast majority, about 90%, of the SAP users faced SAP application downtime. This downtime, though more internally prevalent, didn’t spare external facets, with 39% indicating a direct repercussion on their clientele. Delving into the reasons, integration issues emerged as the primary culprits. An astounding 95% grappled with these issues, and data inconsistency stood out as the predominant challenge.

Ugo Orsi, while at the helm of customer relations at Digitate, emphasized that SAP users globally are on the quest for technological advancements that alleviate their scalability, speed, and performance woes. He acknowledged that the integration of AI/ML and automation in SAP operations across both IT and business horizons has driven digital transformation for several major global corporations.

Findings on the Experiences of SAP Users

  1. Impact of Downtime: Most of the participants, around 66%, revealed that up to a quarter of their routine was consumed by unforeseen issues causing SAP application downtime.
  2. Automation in SAP: Close to half of the survey participants were uncertain about their organization’s stance on leveraging SAP automation solutions. However, among those who had clarity, 42% believed their organizations hadn’t maximized the potential of such solutions.
  3. Operational Enhancement in SAP: The reduction of manual procedures, especially in the realm of patch upgrades, was earmarked as the leading initiative to refine SAP operations. Furthermore, over half of the participants expressed the need for technologies like data analytics, dashboard insights, and supply chain optimization, with automation emerging as a popular choice.
  4. The Role of AI/ML: Only a minority, about 15%, have incorporated AI/ML, but a promising 33% are contemplating its future adoption. It was also highlighted that most respondents employ up to 20 different tools for monitoring their SAP systems.
  5. Operational Metrics: Automation in ticket resolution remains an aspiration for many. Only 41% reported frequently achieving this milestone, while a notable proportion, 29%, haven’t witnessed any automatic ticket resolutions.

The analysis of the survey underscores the prominence of automation and the S/4HANA platform among SAP users. As several are keen to transition from legacy systems to leverage the innovative features of S/4HANA, others see migration as a requisite.

In conclusion, as enterprises continue to leverage the capabilities of SAP, it’s paramount to address the highlighted challenges and integrate solutions that enhance user productivity, customer experience, and operational efficiency.

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