SAP Gold Partner Quintel Acquired by VistaVu Solutions


VistaVu Solutions’ acquisition of SAP Gold Partner Quintel is anticipated to provide the company with an opportunity for development, enabling the Canadian IT firm to benefit from a platform that will facilitate its growth in the SAP market.

Recent movements in the SAP partner ecosystem have included an uptick in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), as organizations look to consolidate their offerings and gain more comprehensive knowledge and expertise. This has been a trend that has seen growth over the past few years, with many companies looking to increase their capabilities within this particular area. As a result, there has been an influx of new businesses entering into partnerships, allowing them to access resources they may not have had before.

Mergers and acquisitions are often used by firms as a way to expand their reach or acquire valuable assets at a reduced cost. In turn, this creates further opportunities for both parties involved, enabling them to leverage each other’s strengths in order to create greater value for customers.

SAP Partners have been leveraging M&A to rapidly expand their range of services, while also creating new opportunities for customers in the process. One such example is Canadian IT company VistaVu Solutions’ recent acquisition of Quintel’s SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) practice. As one of the largest SAP mid-market gold partners across North America, VistaVu Solutions serves a wide range of businesses with a particular focus on wholesale distribution, industrial field services, manufacturing, and other related sectors.

In order to provide the region’s industrial field services companies with industry-driven, customer-focused, and sophisticated business management solutions, VistaVu Solutions draws on the expertise of its employees and the outcomes of its best practices. On the other hand, Quintel has accomplished a wide range of management consulting projects and more than 40 SAP deployments across a variety of industries, including but not limited to billing/customer service, ERP, EAM, mobile data, community development, and the customer web over the last 21 years.

In the following few weeks, Quintel’s SAP practice will be incorporated into VistaVu Solutions’ operations. According to the press release, clients of both Quintel and VistaVu Solutions can rest assured that they will get the same level of service and support that they have become accustomed to receiving from both companies throughout the transition period.

Commenting on the announcement, VistaVu Solutions Founder and CEO Jory Lamb shared:

“Quintel brings an established customer base and a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts. They have implemented many large projects for both SAP ECC and S/4HANA Cloud (S4HC) Private Edition. With this acquisition, VistaVu can offer a migration path for our highest growth customers into S4HC so they may standardize their sales, operations, and finance at scale to better run their business.”

Acquiring SAP Gold Partners in Recent Years

Another SAP Gold Partner Achieve IT was acquired by VistaVu Solutions in 2021. More than 400 distributors have already benefitted from Achieve IT’s SAP Business One services since the company’s inception in 1989. To further assist customers in leveraging the value of VistaVu Solutions’ and Achieve IT’s technology solutions for company expansion and increased profitability, the former company has added 22 SAP Business One specialists from the latter IT firm to its staff.

Furthermore, last year also witnessed a shift in the worldwide SAP services industry with VistaVu Solutions’s purchase of R Tech Solutions. The Texas-based professional services firm was established in 2003 with the goal of assisting SAP Business ByDesign clients in improving productivity, streamlining operations, and expanding their asset base.

VistaVu Solutions President and ByDesign Head Logy Aviles said the business planned to use R Tech Solutions’ resources and roster of SAP Business ByDesign specialists to enhance the customer experience while also expanding its delivery teams. The two businesses said they hoped the deal would increase their capacity to provide SAP services including project management, development, and support to their combined client base.

Meanwhile, acquiring Quintel this year gives VistaVu Solutions access to their skilled professionals, clientele, and accelerated implementation processes. By completing the deal, VistaVu Solutions is reaffirming its dedication to growing into one of the most accomplished mid-market system integrators in North America.

Noting that by combining forces with VistaVu Solutions, Quintel CEO Leslie Buttorff said that the company’s current customer base will have access to a variety of SAP options and a wider range of skillsets. She added:

“We are excited to get involved with VistaVu’s Business One and Business ByDesign customer base to determine if the solution set we have built at Quintel based on the ECC/S4HC platform can provide competitive advantages for expansion. Quintel has built standard solution sets around the ECC and S/4HANA platforms to offer quick, cost effective, and efficient implementations. We also offer SAP HCM and Payroll services as an add on to either solution.”

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